Member Agencies work on one of five distinct Committees that are designed to address issues/obstacles, enhance collaboration and communication, share resources and end hunger in our communities.


Committees are as follows:



Members of this group have been working to clarify and strengthen the vision of NAHN and are generally interested in investing in the future direction of the network. The group recently launched a survey of NAHN members and is now working to implement changes based on agency feedback. The group’s 2016 tasks will include making updates to the strategic plan and website development. It is comprised of the Officers of the Network.


Social Services

Goal of this committee is to share community resources, updates and changes to public benefit programs, community programs and other information useful to social service agency staff and others providing case management. The group also shares and discusses best practices related to program components of case management and the delivery of social support services.


Produce Sharing

This committee will be charged with managing and maintaining partnerships related to Food Rescue, Farmers Markets, and Grocery Store donations. An additional piece of this committee’s work will be soliciting the sharing of produce between NAHN agencies who have excess produce and those who have a need.



This committee will serve as the outreach and welcome arm of NAHN. All new members will initially get welcome and on-boarding information from the membership committee. This committee would also update and distribute member requirement documents and share information in January of each year. This committee would also be charged with updating the agency database once it is created.


Guest Speakers

At every meeting, we host a guest speaker to provide information about his or her organization. In this coming fiscal year, we are also hoping to host trainings for NAHN members during this time on a variety of topics that can enhance agency staff’s knowledge and ability to serve their clients. This committee will work to solicit feedback from NAHN members around interests and need and then identify & coordinate guest speakers & trainers.